Research Directions

Almost every disease-causing pathogen has its own specific sequences of DNA, from bacteria to viruses to cancers. Detecting minute amounts of pathogen DNA against a background sea of benign DNA is a difficult technical challenge. By working towards solving this problem in an accurate, rapid, multiplexed, and cost-effective manner, we hope to develop methods and devices to provide early detection of nearly every disease through routine, noninvasive screening.

NABLab is taking concrete steps towards this vision by performing research to (1) better understand nucleic acid biophysics, (2) invent novel molecular mechanisms for interrogating nucleic acids by leveraging improved understanding, and (3) develop diagnostics assays by translating the our laboratory-developed technologies into the clinic.

Research Philosophy

We believe that experimental science without firm theoretical bases can lead to loss of direction and misinterpretation of results. Simultaneously, we also believe that theoretical work without experimental validation can lead to proofs and lemmas that are based on physically implausible axioms. Consequently, we tightly integrate theory with experiments, and all members of NABLab master both theoretical and experimental aspects of their research.

Finally, we believe that the true measure of the impact of our research is not in the number of publications or citations, but rather in the number of people who use the technology that we develop. Consequently, we are very enthusiastic about collaborations with industrial partners, and welcome inquiries and discussions on how to really change the world for the better.