NABLab News:


      7/17: Sherry and Helen's paper is published online at Nature Chemistry!


      3/14: NHGRI has awarded NABLab with an R01 grant for our research on NGS-based analysis of sequence variations!

      3/7: NCI has awarded NABLab with an R01 grant for our research on PCR-based detection of cancer DNA in peripheral blood!

      3/4: Our lab video is up! Watch it on the research page!

      1/19: Chunyan's paper is published as an article in Nature Communications!


      12/1: Lucia and Sherry's paper is published as the cover article at Nature Methods!

      8/3: Lucia, John, and Sherry pass their thesis proposal defenses!

      6/23: Sherry's paper, NABLab's first publication, is published as the cover article at Nature Chemistry!


      8/21: NABLab is awarded a CPRIT IIRA grant for work towards point of care nucleic acid cancer diagnostics.

      7/29: Dave's earlier patent with Harvard has been licensed non-exclusively by Nanostring.

      4/2: NABLab obtains a research grant from the Welch Foundation.

      1/3: NABLab obtains a Dunn Collaborative Award from the Gulf Coast Consortium with Marsha Frazier.


      12/16: Sherry and Dave file NABLab's first patent application. (U.S. patent application number 61/916,321).

      11/7-11/8: NABLab visits Nanostring Technologies in Seattle for our collaboration kickoff meeting. Thanks for hosting us, Joe and Ira.

      11/5: Dr. Mark Behlke, Vice President and CSO of Integrated DNA Technologies, visits NABLab and Rice Bioengineering. Thanks for joining us, Mark.

      10/1: NABLab and Rice Bioengineering hosted Dr. Joseph Beechem, Senior Vice President of Nanostring Technologies, for a one-day visit. It was great to have you here, Joe.

      8/9: Our website is now up and running. Please let us know if you notice any bugs.

      7/1: NABLab officially starts at Rice University.